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The Moneypenny Diaries: Guardian Angel - Kate Westbrook, Samantha Weinberg

There's just not much that is fluffy in this story:


Friday, 25th May


A horrible, horrible day. At lunchtime I found Raine in a dreadful state, rushing along corridors asking everyone if they had heard from CNE. He didn’t show up for work this morning. She called his house and his wife said he hadn’t come home last night – she had assumed he’d stayed at the office. I asked if his car was here. ‘No,’ said Raine. ‘He left the car-park at 8.15 last night. What is so horrible is that his office is so tidy. It’s impeccable. There are no papers on his desk, his wastepaper basket has been emptied, and you know what chaos it is normally.’ I took her by the arm to tell Bill. Somehow, whenever there’s a crisis, I turn to him.

He looked immediately concerned when he heard. He told Raine to go back to her office and telephone all of CNE’s regular haunts. ‘I’ve done that already,’ she said. ‘Then do it again.’As soon as she’d left he buzzed through to M’s Office. Then he asked me to call Vallance [Assistant-Commissioner Ronald Vallance] at Scotland Yard. ‘Ask him to put an APB [All Points Bulletin] out urgently, please, with special vigilance at the national exit points. Then call the Watchers and tell them to keep an eye out for Mostyn at Kensington Palace Gardens [the Soviet Embassy].’

We heard from Scotland Yard shortly after four. Vallance called M directly. When he opened his office door he looked suddenly ten years older. ‘I’m afraid we’re too late, Bill,’ he said. ‘CNE was found inside his car on Hampstead Heath. He’s dead, I’m afraid. Looks like suicide. Miss Moneypenny, could you go and break the news gently to his secretary. Make sure she gets home safely. And please ask Miss Fields to come up here now.’

By the evening, the news had spread around the whole Office. Everyone was walking around in a state of shock, not knowing quite what to think. Poor CNE. I suppose it must mean that our speculation was founded, that there had been a mole, and that it was he. I would never have suspected poor old Clive Mostyn. He always seemed such a gentle man, so completely dedicated to the Office.