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Murder is Easy - Agatha Christie

Luke looked at Mr Abbot with some interest. This was the solicitor who had employed Tommy Pierce. Luke had a somewhat illogical prejudice against lawyers in general—based on the grounds that so many politicians were recruited from their ranks. Also their cautious habit of not committing themselves annoyed him. Mr Abbot, however, was not at all the conventional type of lawyer, he was neither thin, spare, nor tight-lipped. He was a big florid man, dressed in tweeds with a hearty manner and a jovial effusiveness. There were little creases at the corners of his eyes, and the eyes themselves were more shrewd than one appreciated in a first casual glance.


Hehe. So, Dame Agatha didn't just have fun mocking gardeners. 


Btw, I'm delighted to see that the book is different from the TV adaptation. It makes for more interesting reading.