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A Talent for Murder: A Novel - Andrew Wilson

"I can't wait to get started; I've managed to get the things you've asked for. I've got salt to make a saline solution; I got that from my local chemist. He didn't ask a single question, not one. [...]"


Surely, the aim was to obtain all the items as inconspicuously as possible. Why buy the salt from a chemist? Would that not seem rather odd? All that was needed for their purposes was regular table salt. Surely, she had that at home already ... or could have gotten it with a regular grocery shop...



Also, the events that follow do not make for the perfect crime.


Surely, the first doctor to call would be Flora's husband, and the police would question why they/she had called a random doctor found in the phone book?


Oh, and surely people will notice if both the corpse and the person reporting the death go missing the day after the police arrive?

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I'm confused.


Again, this would have been a perfectly good story if it did not try to force itself to be based on Agatha Christie.