KYD: Yellow Game - Claims for various cards

As we are closing in on the Yellow Game and all elements have been identified, I claim two more cards:


# 1 - COD: Beaten in a Dark Alley:


I am using The Murder of Roger Ackroyd to collect this card. It was written in 1926 and satisfies the "written or set between 1925 and 1975" task.


# 2 - Crime Scene: Green Dragon Pub:


The task I'm choosing to complete with Unterleuten is a book with "green in the text". 


Two of the people who moved to the village of Unterleuten, Gerhard and Jule (both referred to as "the bird conservationists" by the other villagers) chose their new home because they fell in love with the house that was made of red bricks and green window shutters.

"Mit Jule war er sich schnell einig gewesen. Auch ihr hatte der einstöckige Ziegelbau mit grünen Fensterläden und großem Dach sofort gefallen."