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Miss Buncle's Book - D.E. Stevenson

"I wonder where the old codger was," he said to his wife as he sat down to his tea, and spread his bread with a liberal helping of butter and stretched out his arm for the jam.

"Iding," suggested Mrs Simmons promptly. 

"But I looked all over the place - I looked in the toolshed even -"

"More fool you!" retorted his better half scornfully, "if 'e 'ad bin in the toolshed it would 'ave meant 'e didn't want to be found. What call 'ad you to be 'unting for the pore gentleman in the toolshed? None. If 'e didn't want to be found it was yore place not to find 'im - see?"

Simmons saw.

LoL. This is a lot of fun.