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Dictator (Book Three) - Robert Harris

If you thought that having the family over for the holidays was keeping you busy, check this out:

Caesar Dictator to M. Cicero.



I am in Campania inspecting my veterans and shall be spending part of Saturnalia with my niece Atia at the villa of L. Philippus.

If it is convenient, my party and I could visit you on the third day of the festival.

Please let my officer know.


I asked, ‘How did you reply?’

‘How else does one reply to a god? I said yes, of course.’


He pretended to be put-upon, but I could tell that secretly he was flattered, although when he enquired as to the size of Caesar’s entourage, which he would also have to feed, and was told it consisted of two thousand men, he had second thoughts.


They had 2 days to prepare.*




(*Historical accuracy may vary.)