16 Tasks of the Festive Season - Square #12: Saturnalia

Tasks for Saturnalia: Wear a mask, take a picture and post it.  Leave a small gift for someone you know anonymously - a small bit of chocolate or apple, a funny poem or joke.  Tell us about it in a post.  –OR– Tell us: If you could time-travel back to ancient Rome, where would you want to go and whom (both fictional and / or nonfictional persons) would you like to meet?


Time travel back to Roman times? Oh, yes please! But only for a day or two, I am not sure I could cope with Roman life that well.


If I could, tho, I would like to meet Cicero and/or Ovid - different time periods, I know, but still...


I would love to know what got Ovid banned from Rome. This is something that has never been resolved. 


As for Cicero, ... what is not intriguing about one of the great orators and outspoken political critics of the time of Caesar? I've been intrigued by the man ever since reading his work in school - which was great fun and something I still enjoy picking up every now and then, even if I have forgotten most of my Latin.


Obviously, I would have to brush up on that if that trip ever did come up...


**Edit: Damnit, I forgot to add Hypatia to the list. Would love to hear her take on being an eminent scholar and scientist in the midst of the rise religious fervour. Also, it be great to have someone explain some of the scientific reasoning of her day to me. Also, I would have loved to visit with with her to see the Library. I mean THE Library. You know, the one in Alexandria. If it was still around at her time, that is.**