Reading progress update: I've read 11 out of 165 pages.

My Quest for the Yeti: Confronting the Himalayas' Deepest Mystery - Reinhold Messner

Where was I to go now? I didn't want to head back down into the valley. The scare this pack of half-starved dogs had given me paled in comparison to the horror of my earlier nocturnal encounter. The creature, whose lair was somewhere in these valleys, was ten times more powerful and massive than any dog. I could not make my way over the mountains in the dark, and I was also too exhausted to continue climbing. I had no choice but to slink quietly back to the huts - whose inhabitants had probably taken their yak herds up into the mountain pastures. Tchagu, the dog-ridden hole, was my only hope.

Ok, I did not expect this book to be so gripping.


Messner's writing is so much better than in his 1980s Everest book, and I am actually enjoying this as he admits to being pretty helpless and scared with an unknown creature on one side of him and a pack of wild dogs to the other. 


Still, the fact that he follows the unknown creature through a dark forest for a bit (before it flashed its teeth at him) tells me he has not spent a lot of time watching films. This is always a bad idea in films.