16 Tasks of the Festive Season - Square #5: Advent

Bonus task:  make your own advent calendar and post it.


Oh, and while I am at it, I made my own Advent Calendar a couple of days ago. It was all a bit last minute, because it took me ages to decide what to have this year. 

By the time I got around to knowing what I was looking for, time had passed on and my favourite purveyor of fine coffees and teas -- MacBeans -- had run out of sample size ingredients and I hadn't the time to wait... Apparently, other people also wanted a tea advent calendar. How dare they! (*kidding*)


Anyway, Pukka Teas to the rescue... I found a selection of Tea bags that came in LOTS of different varieties:



There were more than 24 teas to choose from, so I put aside anything that said "Detox" or sounded in any way like they should belong in the flu / stomach upset section of my medicine cabinet. It's an advent calendar! It is meant to be filled with scents of intense, warm, spicy or fruity deliciousness, not ... nettle tea or something like it. (Blergh!)


As for the calendar itself, I was looking for a simple solution: I re-used my tea tin and put the tea bags into little festively decorated envelopes. 


And that's it!