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Hogfather: (Discworld Novel 20) - Terry Pratchett

Has DEATH ever been more adorable?

‘Are you weal?’ said the bobble hat.




The bobble hat sniggered. ‘I saw your piggie do a wee!’ it said, and implicit in the tone was the suggestion that this was unlikely to be dethroned as the most enthralling thing the bobble hat had ever seen.


OH. ER . . . GOOD.


‘It had a gwate big—’


WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR HOGSWATCH? said the Hogfather hurriedly.


Mother took her economic cue again, and said briskly: ‘She wants a—’


The Hogfather snapped his fingers impatiently. The mother’s mouth slammed shut. The child seemed to sense that here was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and spoke quickly.


‘I wanta narmy. Anna big castle wif pointy bits,’ said the child. ‘Anna swored.’


WHAT DO YOU SAY? prompted the Hogfather.


‘A big swored?’ said the child, after a pause for deep cogitation.