16 Tasks of the Festive Season - Square #16: December 26th - 31st - Kwanzaa

Tasks for Kwanzaa: Create a stack of books in the Kwanzaa color scheme using red, black and green and post your creation and post a photo (or post a photo of a shelfie where black, red and green predominate).


You know when you wake up to a bump in the night and try to figure out what happened, only to come to the conclusion that something must have fallen off a shelf somewhere?


Yeah, ... Last night, my Mt. TBR, the physical stack of books I keep for reading soon, collapsed. Some of the books fell behind the shelves, which meant that I spent some time today emptying bookshelves, and - because you can't just re-shelf without looking at the books for much longer than you should - re-organised my shelves and my physical Mt. TBR. I'll need to get back to bringing that under control next year. (*Bwahahaha!*) 


Anyway, as I was re-organising, I took some time to make up a stack in the Kwanzaa colour scheme: