16 Tasks of the Festive Season - Square #7: December 10th & 13th - Saint Lucia's Day

Tasks for Saint Lucia's Day: Get your Hygge on -light a few candles if you’ve got them, pour yourself a glass of wine or hot chocolate/toddy, roast a marshmallow or toast a crumpet, and take a picture of your cosiest reading place.


It is Friday night, it is cold outside, and Advent is coming up. As I have been reading the Sherlock Holmes stories with my reading buddy on Friday nights, it is only fitting that tonight's story kick-start the Christmas theme. 


Yes, it is time for reading The Blue Carbuncle. It is one of my favourite stories in the canon and I have been looking forward all day to settle down with some tea, biccies, reading blanket, and the kindle to meet up with Holmes, Watson and Mr Henry Baker. Not much comes as close to the meaning of "hygge" for me as that.