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Threat - Hugh Fraser

Nick gets to his feet and puts his glass on the mantlepiece.

‘I’d like you to meet my boss.’

‘Have I got a choice?’

He laughs. ‘Not really.’

I swallow the rest of my whisky and lead him to the front door. He puts his hat on and says, ‘Shall I send a car for you in an hour?’

‘If you want.’ I go to open the door but he puts a hand on my arm.




‘Won’t you be happier knowing that you’re serving your country?’

‘I’m not sure it’s that simple.’

‘There won’t be any need for you to curtail your other activities.’

I open the door for him.


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‘Goodbye Rina,’ he says, as he walks towards the lift.

I go back into the lounge, pour myself a whisky, sit down on the sofa and take a long drink. My life’s like a lobster pot; dead easy to get into but fucking difficult to get out of.

Hahahaha... Wouldn't you know it,

MI6 is on the scene!

This is a kind of Bond novel after all,

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but it is a lot more fun.