16 Tasks of the Festive Season - Square #5: December 3rd - Advent

Tasks for Advent: Post a pic of your advent calendar. (Festive cat, dog, hamster or other suitable pet background expressly encouraged.) –OR– “Advent” means “he is coming.”  Tell us: What in the immediate or near future are you most looking forward to?  (This can be a book release, or a tech gadget, or an event … whatever you next expect to make you really happy.)


While I am still making plans for creating my own advent calendar this year (it might or might not happen), there are a few things that I am looking forward to this Advent season:


The first thing is something that seems to have become an annual tradition among my friends. We are going to see a screening of The Muppets' Christmas Carol at our local independent cinema. There will be merriment. There will be singing along. I look forward to it.


The second is Christmas Eve. I will spend Christmas Eve with a couple of friends in the country. Two thirds of us are Continental Europeans who are appalled by the casual neglect that our adopted home shows towards Christmas Eve. We all know that Christmas Eve is the true start to the holidays and for some of us is the "main event". Christmas Day is just "Day # 2 - The Continuation of Eating and Drinking at Another House".

So, we are looking to set things right and start the partying on Christmas Eve. ;D