Sunday Soup ... a bit later...

My weekend was mostly spent recovering from the long haul travel back home, unpacking, sleeping, and ... craving comfort food to get over the 30C difference in outside temperatures between Kuala Lumpur and Home.


Fall has properly arrived in Scotland and temperatures have dropped over the last couple of weeks. 


So, what better to relax with than a nice warm bowl of soup?


Of course, I also started to miss all the lovely food I came across in Malaysia and I tried to find a recipe that would tick off that craving, too. 


I finally got inspired by some recipes I found for Thai Chicken Noodle Soup - but as I could not be bothered going to the shops to buy ingredients, I improvised with what I could find at home.


This is what I ended up with:





1-2 x leeks,
1 x can of sweetcorn
1/2 x can of kidney beans,
2-3 Quorn (veggie) chicken fillets (sliced),
1/3 pouch (3 tsp) x Red Thai Curry paste
1 sachet x coconut cream
Kaffir Lime leaves
Salt, water
Rice noodles



It was delicious. :D



Also, I believe the use of leeks in this should qualify my delicious soup experiment for the task for Calan Gaeaf (Square #1 of the 16 Festive Tasks):


Tasks for Calan Gaeaf: If you’re superstition-proof, inscribe your name on a rock, toss it in a fire and take a picture to post –OR– Make a cozy wintertime dish involving leeks (the national plant of Wales) and post the recipe and pictures with your thoughts about how it turned out.