16 Tasks of the Festive Season - Square #3: November 11th

Kif: an unvarnished history - Gordon Daviot

Book themes for Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day: Read a book involving veterans of any war, books about WWI or WWII (fiction or non-fiction).  –OR– Read a book with poppies on the cover.



This is where Kif comes in. I had meant to start this earlier but got put off by accidentally reading the jacket blurb which gave away some of the ending. I hate it when they do that. 

If I pick up a book, I really want to find out for myself if there is a happy ending or not.


Anyway, ... Kif is a boy of 15 who lives in a rural area near what I gather is the border between Scotland and England. He is very bored with his life and dreams of excitement, adventure, and basically anything that will break this monotonous routine he lives. 


So, he lies about his age and joins the British army in December 1914.