Halloween Bingo: My last Bingo square...

Josephine Tey: A Life - Jennifer Morag Henderson

is the Free / Raven square.


Would it be too tenuous to allocate Henderson's biography of Josephine Tey for this square?


Strictly speaking, there is no murder, romantic suspense (although who knows?), no vampires (a more definite nope than romantic suspense), etc. Tey did spend a lot of time in London, but I would not call her haunts "dark". Her other home, Inverness, is a smallish town, but is actually the biggest city in the region, ... while her fictional alter ego in Nicola Upson's books is an amateur sleuth, I have my doubts that the real Josephine Tey was.


I would say, if we accept Christie and Sayers for the Terrifying Women category, Tey would fit, too, but...this is a biography not a book with a thrilling plot.


I am probably over-thinking this, but I do want to find a justification that may fit.

What I do know about Tey so far is that she is a woman shrouded in mystery. She used several aliases (even "Josephine Tey" is an alias), never combined her professional and private lives, and even her friends did not know much about her.


What are your thoughts? Does the biography fit the square?


(Btw, I haven't started the book, yet. It's just been hanging out on my currently reading shelf to remind me that I have this from the library...)