Halloween Bingo - Terrifying Women

Eleven - Patricia Highsmith

As I am closing in on my last three squares for Halloween Bingo, I feel like I saved a few good ones for last. First off, the Terrifying Women square which - for me - has to be a Highsmith.


I'll turn to her first collection of short stories for this, which starts off with one of her most famous stories: The Snail Watcher.


Highsmith had a particular fondness for gastropods. The Snail Watcher is as much an homage to the creatures as it is a freakishly creepy story of obsession.


It's one of the two stories I know in this collection. There are eleven in total (hence the title) and I have no doubt each one of them will be masterfully crafted.


As an added bonus, the introduction was written by another favourite - Graham Greene. Highsmith originally hired him to write it, but they became mutual admirers of each other's work later on.