Halloween Bingo - Murder Most Foul

Problem at Pollensa Bay - Agatha Christie

Well, I picked this up on a whim (because I was on location for the title story) and am now half-way through the book but I really wanted to write a brief update on how this collection of short stories will fit into the Halloween Bingo:


It completely changes my plans for the Murder Most Foul Square. Instead of Christie's 4:50 From Paddington, Problem at Pollensa Bay will now cover that square.


The title story is a Parker Pyne mystery and does not actually include any murder. However, the subsequent three stories (of what I have read so far!) all have murder at heart.


The Second Gong is a locked room mystery about a potential suicide.

The Yellow Iris describes a delicious (attempted) murder mystery at a restaurant.

The Harlequin Tea Set had Mr Satterthwaite (he of Three Act Tragedy) investigate a family murder mystery with a supernatural twist.