Hotel Quadriga

The Hotel Quadriga. - Jenny Glanfield

If, upon my return from the beach, I still had a copy of the book, or if I had been able to borrow it from somewhere, I would have finished reading this. 


But the thing is, I don't have the book anymore, and I am not keen enough to buy it.


Hotel Quadriga tells the story of a young man who dreams of bettering his situation and succeeds in establishing what becomes one of the finest hotels in Europe.


Based on the story of the Adlon in Berlin, the story tells of both the hotel and German history between 1871 and 1933 in an easy to follow manner. I have no idea how much of the story of the Adlon has been used for Quadriga, but the historical details that have been woven into the story certainly hit all the highlights as far as I could tell. 


It's been the perfect beach read. And while it made for a much better written story than Follett's Fall of Giants, it was not gripping enough to make care about the characters (all of whom seemed to fall in love at the drop of a hat!) or realistic enough to entice me to choose this book over a non-fiction account of Berlin during the same period.


Had I finished the book, I would have probably liked it enough for 3* or 3.5*.