Ghost Bride

The Ghost Bride: A Novel - Yangsze Choo

‘If we’re going to have a wedding, maybe we should have an exorcism first.’

‘Are you mad?’ she said. ‘That’s the last thing anybody wants to hear before a wedding!’

Finally, finally, I got to read Ghost Bride. It's been on my kindle for such a long time, I nearly forgot about it. 


I had tried to get into the book previously but never found a way into the story. This time the Malaysian setting, the excursion into the Chinese spirit world and the unlikely murder mystery grabbed me almost from the start.


Unfortunately, the book started to flag at the end of the first third and the love triangle in the last third had me roll my eyes so often, I nearly skimmed to the end.


What can I say, I can't stand love triangles and in this particularly one, I just wanted to shout at our heroine: "The dragon. Always choose the dragon."