Reading progress update: I've read 25 out of 288 pages.

Thin Air - Michelle Paver

I know that I'm dreaming, but it doesn't help. I'm holding the snow globe. I've just shaken it, and the blizzard is smothering the tiny cottage and the miniature man in the porch.

I am that man. I am trapped in the white silence - and yet I see myself from the ouside. Snow up to my thighs, thick flakes clogging eyes and nose and mouth. Now my face is beginning to change. I'm turning into Kits...

It's been a hell of a week, but I am finally getting to sit down and sink into a book. So, far I am loving the style, the somewhat sparse narration. Paver spends more time describing the interaction between the characters than the setting of the story in Darjeeling. I have a hunch a lot of other writers would spend more time on description of place in a hope to evoke an atmosphere, but, imo, this seldom works to fully establish characters and, for me, the book usually suffers for it. Not so here.