Halloween Bingo - Amateur Sleuth

Death of an Airman - Christopher St. John Sprigg

After a weekend packed with horror, which was delightful but not exactly cheery, I need something a bit more...twee.


Death of an Airman may just be benign enough to relax with on a Monday night. It also seems to be the right fit for the Amateur Sleuth square as the investigating force in this one is a man of the cloth:


Death of an Airman is an enjoyable and unorthodox whodunit from a writer whose short life was as remarkable as that of any of his fictional creations. When an aeroplane crashes, and its pilot is killed, Edwin Marriott, the Bishop of Cootamundra in Australia, is on hand. In England on leave, the Bishop has decided to learn how to fly, but he is not convinced that the pilot's death was accidental. In due course, naturally, he is proved right. The Bishop and Inspector Bray of Scotland Yard make an appealing pair of detectives, and ultimately a cunning criminal scheme is uncovered.


We'll see how it goes. I believe Tigus liked this one quite well, so I'll start the book with high hopes.