Halloween Bingo - In the Dark, Dark Woods

The Green Archer - Edgar Wallace

I've been having some trouble finding a book in my TBR that fits the Dark, Dark Woods square. I know there are several recent titles, but I have little interest in them. 

Also, I did not want to read The Jungle Books for this bingo task - I was looking for more of a mystery type of read. (And I don't fancy re-reading Endless Night even if it is a fantastic read.)  


From memory, I figured that there were some Edgar Wallace mysteries that might fit, but my memory of the Wallace books has been corrupted by series of 1960s German film adaptations - which, in case you are wondering, are pretty bad but quite fun! In fact, to give you a comparison, these adaptations are as fun as the Margaret Rutherford adaptations of Christie's books. But they are also full of cliches and tropes, and like the Rutherford adaptations, are probably nothing like the original stories.



Anyway, I had browsed through a few Wallace stories and discovered that The Fellowship of the Frog seems to include a scene in a forest. So, I had ear-marked this one for the Dark, Dark Woods square. However, from what I remember, most of the action takes place in the city (because of plot reasons). So, I had a re-think about using it for the bingo task.


I'm going to switch books and try The Green Archer for the task instead. At least, I know that this one is set on a country estate, and it appears there is cottage in the woods that plays a significant part in the story: 

In spite of her horror of the memory, the girl smiled. "If you put this in your newspaper I'll never speak another word to you, Mr. Holland!" she said. "But if you promise to keep it a dead secret, I will show you just where I saw the archer. I was looking at the place today. I didn't know that it was visible from the grounds, but it is. It was on a little hill that you can see from the wall of Lady's Manor. There is a wood there--they call them coverts in this country--that runs on the inside of the castle wall." She got up suddenly. "I'll show you," she said, "but--" she raised a warning finger at Spike "--you are never to tell, under any circumstances whatever, that I saw him. And he isn't a ghost."

If it turns out that it isn't that significant, I'll switch to something else.