Halloween Bingo - 80s Horror

Wicked Stepmother - Michael McDowell, Axel Young, Dennis Schuetz

Right, I am ready for some more horror...


Last year, Char lead me to discover The Elementals, which was one of the scariest books I have ever read (I am not a horror fan) and yet I enjoyed McDowell's writing so much that I have put two more of his titles on my list for this year's game.


The Wicked Stepmother is the first I will try. It was written in 1983 and the description makes me think that there may be a fun element to it:


"Seducing a proper Bostonian was easy. Making him die of a heart attack a week after the wedding was hardly any trouble at all. Now she has money, social status, everything she has cunningly schemed to get since she was a poor little girl. Everything except the Brookline mansion and the multi-million dollar trust fund left to the three children. 

But what wicked stepmother couldn't get rid of three children? "