Halloween Bingo - Cozy Mystery

An Expert in Murder - Nicola Upson

I seem to be on a Josephine Tey mission at the moment. I finished The Man in the Queue yesterday, but had only picked it up after starting this one on Friday, then setting it aside after a few pages because I felt I should read a Tey proper to get a feel for the original before diving into Tey-inspired fiction.


Anyway, I am reading An Expert in Murder for the Cozy Mystery square. I'm 120 pages in, the murder has occurred, but it was less descriptive than some Agatha Christie ones - so, to my mind, perfect for a cozy.


The story itself features Tey as a character. She seems to be based quite close on what we know of the real Josephine Tey/Gordon Daviot/Elizabeth Mackintosh and her circle of friends from her theatre life. I'm calling it like this because Tey kept her life strictly private and different aspects of her life quite separate.


So far Upson has done a very good job of bringing Tey and her surroundings (especially the thriving London theatre scene) to life.