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Monstrous Regiment (Discworld, #31) - Terry Pratchett

Guys, I finally got to meet Angua!

"Sergeant Angua was waiting by his [Vimes'] desk, reading the Living Testament of Nuggan.

‘Is that a carrier pigeon, sir?’ she said, as Vimes sat down.

‘No,’ said Vimes. ‘Hold it a minute, will you? I want to have a look inside the message capsule.’

‘It does look like a carrier pigeon,’ said Angua, putting down the book.

‘Ah, but messages flying through the air are an Abomination unto Nuggan,’ said Vimes. ‘The prayers of the faithful bounce off them, apparently. No, I think I’ve found someone’s lost pet and I’m looking in this little tube here to see if I can find the owner’s name and address, because I am a kind man.’

‘So you’re not actually waylaying field reports from the Times, then, sir?’ said Angua, grinning.

‘Not as such, no. I’m just such a keen reader that I want to see tomorrow’s news today. And Mr de Worde seems to have a knack of finding things out. Angua, I want to stop these stupid people fighting so that we can all go home, and if that means allowing the occasional pigeon to have a crap on my desk, so be it.’