Reading progress update: I've read 20 out of 346 pages.

Trackman - Catriona Child



This must be the first time since joining my real life book group at the library that the book that was chosen is promising to be a good read. I give you Trackman.


I've not read anything about it, and I won't do so until I finish the book, but I have read the first chapter and so far I know the following:


1. The story is set in Edinburgh.


2. Protagonist - a young guy - is on the way to queue up for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


3. So, we know this is set in July 2007.


4. He is not there because he wants a copy of the book, but because he promised a friend who for some reason is not able to be there to join the queue.


5. The writing is pretty fresh, but not pretending to be all Trainspotting.

The queue grows as I wait. I stand on my tiptoes and strain my neck to peer over the folk behind me, but I can't see where the end is anymore. A lot of people in the queue have really made an effort: turned up in costumes and fancy dress. I feel totally out of place here. On my own. Fidgeting. Lewis would have loved it.

He should be here, not me.

Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving, one finger, one thumb, one arm, one leg, one nod of the head.

In a parallel universe, Lewis is queuing up to get his own book.

There's a couple of women behind me, wearing witch costumes, who keep blowing cigarette smoke into my face. It's making me want a fag even though I quit ages ago. I want to tell them to stop being so fucking ignorant, stop exhaling in my face, but I'm enjoying the second-hand smoke and I breathe it in.

Hold it inside me.

There are breathing exercises you can try, they should help you to relax if you find it's all becoming too much.




Breathe out.

They've got a wee lassie with them who doesn't even look old enough to be able to read. She's all dressed up in a school uniform, complete with bushy wig and magic wand. Another hen party stops when they see her.

'Aaawwww, look at the wee lassie.'

'Oh my God, she's gorgeous.'

'Hey, Annie, she should be your flower girl, imagine, eh?'

The wee girl points the plastic wand at them, makes them all laugh. I can see it in her eyes though: she's cursing them all.

I think I'm going to really enjoy this one, but I have a hunch it may not strike the same chord with the ladies of the book group. ;) We'll see.