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Scene of the Climb - Kate E. Dyer-Seeley

Imagine you had just been lost in the woods. Suddenly, there are shots coming in your direction, and you start to run, trip, and hurt yourself. 


When you get to the road and find your friend, what do you think you would talk about?


Ok, have you imagined it?


Now, here is the scene as it is played out in the book:



“I fell.”

Peeling off the blood-soaked sock, Matt whistled. “Whoa, you did a job on that, didn’t you?”

I nodded as Matt threw the sock on the grass and took off his T-shirt. His abs were surprisingly solid and well defined; the muscles in his arms flexed as he wrapped his warm shirt around my hand. I’d never seen him without a shirt on and had to resist the urge to touch his toned upper body. “You’re kind of ripped,” I blurted out.

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Yeah, ...