Reading progress update: I've read 379 out of 723 pages.

Metamorphoses - Denis Feeney, Ovid, David Raeburn

Ancient Greek gods, goddesses and heroes were assholes.


Despite this, I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed reading a classical work so much as this one.


It's a slow read, but it is just wonderful to read about the stories behind so many names, and images, and phrases that have permeated western European culture - including the sad story of Europa herself. But then pretty much all the stories about women in these stories are horrible and sad.


I love this book. There is a lot to take away from these stories even if they are rather depressing.


Also, I have been a classical mood since Friday and so managed to read quite a few chapters since Friday night (from page 248 to 379). As Moonlight Reader announced that the BL-Opoly Jail Library is taking donations this weekend, I would like to donate 100 of the 131 pages to the Jail Library.