Reading progress update: I've read 75%.

Rose's Run - Dawn Dumont

This is probably the perfect book for me to read right now. 


As this is my first day on holiday (running around like mad to get stuff organised last minute and airport hopping does not count as part of the holiday), I needed something to switch off with, and this book has had me laugh out loud on my balcony, giggle at the pool (I will explore the beach tomorrow),  and generally made me relax much more than the wine that accompanied parts of the book. Not that this was particularly hard so far. (Well, not once I submitted the last outstanding report to my work this morning that I hadn't finished before leaving.) 



Anyway, I really like this book. Rose's story is written so well that I can relate to the characters and even feel connected with them as they go through the events of the book. And I like Rose. She calls a spade a spade, but is too kind for her own good sometimes. And even tho there is a romance part to the story, it has not made me want to cringe so far. That is saying a lot.


There also seems to be a paranormal element and it is not turning me off, because the story is just so relatable, and funny, yet it does illustrate some First Nations issues. It just doesn't rub it in your face. And I love how Rose is not glossing over how hard it is to start a running/jogging regime, even if the plan to run a marathon after only weeks of training is slightly ridiculous. It can be done, of course, but still it is ridiculous.