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Rose's Run - Dawn Dumont

“Sixty-five days without a cigarette.”

“Damn, I was hoping you might have cracked.”

“Not this time,” Monty said. “We’re doing the patch plus we’re doing laser therapy.” “Wouldn’t smoking just be cheaper?” Rose joked.

Callie exclaimed: “It’s not about the money, it’s about your health!”

“I’m healthy.” Rose fought the urge to clear her throat. There was definitely something in there, scratching away, and a smoke would knock the shit out of it. She took a sip of Coke and the feeling subsided. Friggin’ non-smokers taking over the world, she thought to herself. You would think you could be safe on the reserve! But no, people had finally figured out that smoking was inextricably linked to the oxygen tanks that elders were dragging behind them nowadays. They were becoming as ubiquitous as missing toes; on that thought, Rose made a mental note to stop putting sugar in her coffee — or at least, not so much.

Yes! It looks like this one will be a lot of fun! It actually started with a scene at the start of a marathon race that had me in giggles, too.

In this particular year, Dahlia had already run three marathons, three half marathons, and four 10Ks — and it was only June. This was Rose’s second race, in her lifetime. (Fifth if you included races she ran in elementary school. She’d done okay in those — never last, just an innocuous second or third last, depending on whether one or both of the asthmatic Bower twins was in attendance.) She’d never had an athletic performance that resulted in someone taking her aside afterwards like the coach in Rocky and patting her on the shoulder: “Yuh got real talent, kid. But you’re still a bum.”

Looking forward to reading more on the plane tomorrow.