Booklikes-Opoly - Readathon Celebration Extra Rolls

Just as I worried I might not get to play Opoly much on my holiday (because of limited wifi access and also because I will be out and about), our magnificent Booklikes-Opoly  games mistress Moonlight Reader announced a new twist to the game - additional rolls today!


So, here we go:


I am currently on Cars Land 18.


Roll # 1: 


You rolled 2 dice:

1 4

Timestamp: 2017-04-29 17:17:42 UTC



....which takes me to: "Tomorrowland Station" Sq. 22 - Read a book that involves time travel either to the future or to the past."


I will need to think about this one. Time travel is not one of my fortes.

The only two books that come to mind immediately are H.G. Wells' The Time Machine or one of the books that I have not read, yet, in the Thursday Next series.


Does anyone know if One of Our Thursdays is Missing or The Woman Who Died a Lot had anything about time travel or the ChronoGuard in it? If not, I may go for The Well of Lost Plots as this is, I think, based on Thursday hiding from the ChronoGuard or at least still features her dad travelling through time. Please let me know if it doesn't.


Update: I have 11/22/63 by Stephen King as an audiobook. I will read this one.


Roll # 2:


6 4

Timestamp: 2017-04-29 17:23:58 UTC


....which takes me to: "Paradise Pier" Sq. 31 - Read a book that involves a carnival, or a book where the title begins with any letter in the word "PIXAR"."


I don't have any books on my tbr that involve carnival, so I will go with a book starting with one of the letters that has been lingering on my tbr for ages.


My first thought was to give Evelyn Waugh's Remote People (182p.) a chance, but given my history with Waugh, this may be a DNF.


So, I am going for Rose's Run by Dawn Dumont (288p.). 


Roll # 3:


3 5

Timestamp: 2017-04-29 17:57:58 UTC


....which takes me to: "Frontierland" Sq. 2 - Read a book with a main character that knows how to handle a gun, or where someone is shot."


Nice! Spoiled for choice here! I'm leaning towards Frederick Forsyth's The Day of the Jackal (418p.). I think I have this as an audiobook.


Update: I do have this as an audiobook, but the audio version is driving me nuts. This is book that does not work in audio for some reason. It may be the detail of the descriptions or the names or the foreshadowing, but I'll stick to the kindle version. 



Anyway, thanks MR for this splendid surprise!