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Voyage of the Basilisk: A Memoir by Lady Trent - Marie Brennan

Haha. The memoirs of Lady Trent just keep getting better and better. If I'm not in awe of the historical or natural details that Brennan weaves in (like the discovery of the Rosetta stone!), then I'm laughing a lot at her challenging the Victorians...

“I know it is strange.”

“Strange,” Tom said, still muffled by his hands, “is flinging yourself off a cliff for the sake of dragons. Strange is what you have done up until now. This … is something else.”

“Very well— I know it is absurd.”

“That comes closer to the mark.” He took his hands down, shaking his head. “I needled you in Eriga about attracting marital interest wherever you go, but I admit, I never expected this. Must you do it?”

...I'm not going to spoil any of the story for anyone who has not yet read this (and wants to), but our heroine faces new challenges with every book that make her more thoughtful, more accepting, and more fun to read about her development.