Booklikes-Opoly - BrokenTune's Game Updates

Let the games begin!

Many thanks to Moonlight Reader and Obsidian Blue for creating this intricate and detailed game for us.


I'll use this post for updates and as a balance sheet (aka score card).





April 29th - update:


3 Extra Rolls move me to a current square of Frontierland #2:


April 29th:


Bank account: $38 (one audiobook in progress - potential reward: $5)

Dice roll: 10 (4+6)


....which takes me to: "Cars Land" Sq. 18 - Read a book that was published in 2006, 2011, 2013 or 2014, the year of Cars and its sequels, or that has a car on the cover."


 I have a few options for this square but I am going with Die so Geliebte by Melania G. Mazzucco (542p.).

Reward: $5 


April 27th:


Bank account: $35 (one audiobook in progress - potential reward: $5)

Dice roll: 5 (2+3)


....which takes me to: "Fantasyland" Sq. 9 - Read a book that is tagged genre: Fantasy or fairy tale on GR. 


For this I am choosing The Voyage of the Basilisk by Marie Brennan (352p.).  

Reward: $3 


April 25th:


Bank account: $32 (one audiobook in progress - potential reward: $5)

Dice roll: 9 (6+3)


....which takes me to: "Frontierland" Sq. 4 - Read a book where a character travels by boat, or where the letters in the title can be used to spell "river". 


For this I am choosing Boundless: Adventures in the Northwest Passage by Kathleen Winter (288p.). I must say I was rather impressed by the number of unread books I have that would qualify for this square. I hope I land here again. 

Reward: $3 


April 23rd:


Bank account: $29

Dice roll: 6 (3+3)


....which takes me to: "?" Sq. 25 - Read a book that is tagged Historical Mystery or is part of a series included in the Best Historical Mystery Listopia on GR. 


Death Comes as the End (272p.) is tagged as required and I already have it on my tbr. How kind of the BL-Opoly gods to let me squeeze in some Dame Agatha.

Reward: $3 


Dice roll #2 (because of doubles): 8 (2+6)


....which takes me to: "BL" Sq. 32 - Roll the electronic dice, and perform the task that corresponds to your roll!


Dice roll: 


"8. Read in the wild! Take your book with you and find a place to read that isn't your living room for an hour!"


Ok, ... a separate post will be forthcoming for this. 


April 21st:


Bank account: $28

Dice roll: 7 (1+6)


....which takes me to: New Orleans Square 19 - Read a book that is tagged Gothic or horror on GR or that is a ghost story. 


The Victorian Chaise-longue (99p.) is tagged as horror. I already started it a few days ago, so I will deduct the pages I have already read from the total page count of the book (i.e. 99 - 9 = 90).

Reward: $1


April 19th:


Bank account: $23


Dice roll: 9 (3+6)


....which takes me to: Main Street 13 - Read a book about a (real or fictional) American lawyer or politician, or that is set during the Civil War.


Umm, ok... I am spoilt for choice here: The books on my TBR that come to my mind immediately are:


Thirteen Days by Robert F. Kennedy - 185p.

Hard Choices by Hilary Clinton - 702p. (I'm listing the page number from Ammy for the kindle edition, as this is the book I have. Apparently, the pb is 656 p. and the hb 925p.)

My Own Words by Ruth Bader Ginsburg - 402p. 


As it is way too early in the a.m. (it's a little past midnight), I won't make a choice right now, but I'm leaning towards RBG. 


(Note: I did read My Own Words by RBG.) 

Reward: $5


April 15th:


Bank account: $20


Dice roll: 5 (1+4)


....which takes me to: Electric Company.


Hooray! A STEM book it is. I take it, Dr. Fortey telling of his life researching natural history will fit the bill.


Dry Store Room No.1 by Dr. Richard Fortey - 320 p.

Reward: $3