Am I Normal, Yet?

Am I Normal Yet? (The Normal Series) - Holly Bourne

It's YA and I got given the book by a friend who had copies for World Book Night 2016.


Otherwise, I would not have picked it up, because...YA.


If I had read this when I was 15, I would have enjoyed this much more, but as I haven't the book fell a bit flat for me. 


The intention of the book is great, tho: To give readers an insight into how OCD and general anxiety disorder can affect people. It's not something that I as a 15-year-old would have been that familiar with, other than by way of crude jokes. And this is the point of the book - to get people think about the jokes and flippant remarks that are based on mental health issues. 


From that aspect, I really appreciated the book, too.


Where it fell flat for me was in the writing - it was so full of cliches that made it seem quite ironic that the books attempts to look behind the common misconceptions - and cliches - surrounding mental health issues.


And of course the precocious little sister character, just seemed a thinly veiled psychology lecture...