A Tag! A Tag! (Reading Habits Tag)

Many thanks to Spooky's House of Books for creating the first fun tag of 2017 and to Booklikes for highlighting it. 


So, while there seems to be some speed to the website, here's mine...


1: Do you have a certain place in your home for reading:

Yes, two really: a comfortable armchair and my bedroom.


2: Bookmark or random piece of paper? 

Probably more piece of paper. I like paper bookmarks but I usually use train tickets, boarding passes, admission tickets, etc. That way they serve as both reminders of past adventures and "rest stops" for new adventures (even if they are bookish ones).


3:Can you  just stop reading or do you have to stop read after a chapter / certain number of pages:

I prefer a stopping point that is natural in the book. This may be a chapter ending or a part in the narrative that just seems to work. I can stop anywhere if pressed, tho. 


4:Do you eat or drink while read:

I usually stick to drinks rather than food.

Tea, coffee, water usually. How chocolate if the story or reading environment lends itself to it. 

Some books, however, require wine (or even hard liquor) ... These have, thankfully, been rare, tho. 


5: multitasking: music or TV while reading: 

Music sometimes. It can enhance the atmosphere of the book. I once read Ishiguro's When We Were Orphans while listening to a radio programme on the BBC that was all about music of the '40s. It was perfect. 


6:one book at a time or several at once:

I might try to stick to one book at a time, but that rarely happens. I need to be able to switch between different books to serve different moods.


7: reading at home or everywhere:



8: reading out loud or silently in your head:

Silently unless it is poetry or written in such a way that needs to be red aloud.  


9:Do you read ahead or even skip pages:

Never in books I enjoy. reading ahead or skimming (never skipping) usually only happens when I don't enjoy the book at all. 


10:Barking the spine or keeping it like new:

Depends on the book. If it is a treasured edition or book that I borrowed from someone, then I will take care to keep it like new. 


11:Do you write in your books: 

Sometimes, but only when I am moved to mark important parts. It is always a struggle to justify writing in the book, tho, which is why I love, love, love the highlight and comment function on my kindle.

I must admit, I really enjoy reading the notes of previous readers in secondhand books, tho.