Reading progress update: I've read 15%.

The Boy Who Followed Ripley - Patricia Highsmith

I'm trying to actively engage with the reviewing slump, write small updates etc., and by opposing end it. (Yeah, I know, cheesy line.)


With respect to The Boy Who Followed Ripley - this is book 4 of the Ripley series. 

I probably should have gotten books 2 and 3 first but someone else has currently loaned them from the library.... 


This book is baffling so far. The book goes straight into the story without any prologue, and Ripley seems a totally different person from the first novel. 


I hope that books 2 and 3 provide some background to this change in character, because he's really rather unrecognisable. 


Also, so far not much hashappended. If it weren't for my wondering about what happened to Tom

and how did he end up married?

(show spoiler)

, I'd be bored.