This is not book related. I'm out adventuring again. I use these breaks to keep some hold on sanity. For various reasons, I have a need for frequent breaks like this at the moment. Anyway, ...


Tonight's adventure took me back to Edinburgh, to see Jane Siberry perform at The Queen's Hall, a very small venue, which is absolutely perfect for Jane's performance.


If you haven't heard of Jane Siberry, she's a beautiful person making art that is hard to describe. The best I can come up with is to say she's a musician and poet, who combines different genres and media. Music, poetry, performance, anecdotes, etc. 


It was a moving, thought-provoking evening, full of darkness and light. Mostly light. There is really something special when you don't just connect with the artist and the material but also with the other members of the audience. It was pretty amazing,  but random strangers started hanging out with each other. No pretense, just people connecting. Maybe it was just for an evening, but it was pretty cool nonetheless.


Sanity restored.