Familiar Settings

Out of Bounds - Val McDermid

"Kinross was a small town, but it was big enough to have more than one kind of pub. There were hotel bars that supplied food as well as a predictable offering of beers, wines and spirits. There was one where younger drinkers congregated to drink fruit ciders and vodka shots to the accompaniment of loud music. There was another where patrons played pool and darts and watched football on a giant TV screen, washed down with cheap generic beer."


So far, the book's settings are well known to me - both the roundabouts of Dundee and the bars of Kinross mentioned above (one of them is an excellent music venue, btw).


I'm not convinced that familiarity with the location (even when well described) inevitably works to make or keep me interested. That is to say, if it were the case, I'd have more interest in other books in the Tartan Noir genre. 


How about you, fellow Booklikers?

Does familiarity make a book more compelling?