Han Solo at Stars' End

Han Solo At Stars' End - Brian Daley

"The Free-Flight Dance Dome was a first-class trough. It was equipped with a top-of-the-line gravity field, its console visible among the bottles, spigots, and taps, and other paraphernalia encircled by the bar. The field permitted the management to alter gravity anywhere on the premises, and so the dance floor and the dome over it had become a low-gee acrobatic playground in which singles, couples, and groups looped, floated, and spun with effortless grace. Han also spotted individual booths and tables where species from low-gravity worlds were taking their ease in comfort, the specific gravity of their area having been lowered for them."


I'm sorry, book. It's not you book, it's me.


This promised fun but instead the story got lost on me. I just could not get interested in it.

It was all: gun smuggling, blah, blah, battle scene, blah, blah, quipping with female, blah, blah, getting attached to droid, blah blah...


I have no idea what I read. However, I am putting this down to the fact that sci-fi just is not my bag. At all. Not interested.