Reading progress update: I've read 30%.

Passenger to Frankfurt - Agatha Christie

"Politicians don’t have time to look at the world they’re living in. They see the country they’re living in and they see it as one vast electoral platform. That’s quite enough to put on their plates for the time being. They do things which they honestly believe will make things better and then they’re surprised when they don’t make things better because they’re not the things that people want to have. And one can’t help coming to the conclusion that politicians have a feeling that they have a kind of divine right to tell lies in a good cause."

Well, slap me hard....but I am actually enjoying Passenger to Frankfurt so far. Great-Aunt Matilda is like a spunky version of Ms Marple and combined with the character of Sir Stafford Nye, I can only picture them like the Lansbury-Fox duo in the tv adaptation of The Mirror Crack'd.



Of course, I'm mentally preparing for this book taking a nose-dive into ridiculousness.