The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic - Terry Pratchett

So, that's how Rincewind ended up with the Luggage! Right,.....


I have been wondering about this for years. Now I know.


There is no doubt that Terry Pratchett was a master at snarky humor and fantastic world building. No doubt at all. Yet, it takes me forever to get through some his books because his adventures often end up going off in tangents...and I'm not drawn into the Discworld universe enough to necessarily want to follow those side-stories that may or may not become relevant in a later book.


At the moment, all those tangents are just padding out the book for me - when mostly I just want to get on with the story.


So, why the Druids? 


Anyhoo,....I do look forward to reading the next one, but may chose a graphic novel version. I hear they are great fun, and it would have been great to have seen the pictures of new worlds hatching.