My Other Hangouts....

So, in preparation for Doomsday, aka the BL Apocalypse, or just in case you want to connect on another platform, I'm listing the other forums that I am at....


Goodreads - I am active there, but not as much as on BL. GR is my back-up book database at the moment.


Leafmarks - I have an account but have not updated anything there in months. I can't remember the last time I logged in. However, if BookLikes packs in I might give Leafmarks another shot. Edit: Shortly after posting this, Leafmarks advised that it is shutting down.


Libib - I have only just signed up and am playing about with it. Edit: I tried Libib but it is not for me.


Library Thing - I am not very active there but if the Apocalypse hits I might be found there.


WordPress - I currently use this as a back-up for BookLikes. In other words, I export posts to my WP account but haven't spent any time there to make it pretty. I am very tempted to spend more time on the blog there, tho. I would really miss the blogging activity if BL went bust.


I really hope BL will get their act together, but if not please feel free to get in touch elsewhere.