Happy Accidents

Happy Accidents - Jane Lynch

I was not a fan of Glee but I did enjoy watching it for the character of Sue Sylvester. You know, the lady who always wears a track-suit and was a bit of a tough cookie:




Anyway, I had noticed Jane Lynch in other roles - she was hilarious in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Paul. So, when I stumbled across her autobiography, I was intrigued.


It took me no time at all to read this book. Lynch is certainly an interesting woman and I loved that she told her story very openly and with a lot of humour. I take it from her book that this in itself may have been something she may have found hard to do at one point as she did (maybe still does) struggle with anxiety issues and has found it difficult in the past to relate things. 


As far autobiographies go, this one did not try to discuss social or political issues much but simply told Lynch's story and focused about her own journey in what came across an interesting and very honest account.


Really enjoyed it.