2016 Mt. TBR - May Update



Another month gone and it's time for an update on Mt. TBR. At the beginning of this month, I thought I might have cracked it and that this month I'd see a significant change to Mt. TBR. I was right.

Well, I was right until I got distracted by things:

1. Books.

2. Life


With work being ridiculously busy and the tennis season being in full swing, I just didn't have time to read. Apparently, tho, I had time to go book shopping....


Book count....


January Mt. TBR - 44

February Mt. TBR - 40

March Mt. TBR - 35

April Mt. TBR - 35  

May Mt. TBR - 37 (another 4 are still wip)


Actual running total of Mt. TBR books read in 2016: 15

Books added since last update: 6

Swaps this month: 0


 New book purchases: 6 from the top....







Rules - I picked a stack of physical books of my shelves at home which I would read over the course of the year. Any new purchases are added to the pile. If I pick another physical book off my shelves, I get to take one off the pile and put it on the shelf - as a swap.