Why??? (Rant regarding Spoilers)

Good morning,


I'm sorry to start the day with a rant but I need to get this off my chest...


I picked up a couple of books from the library on Friday and duly added them to GR and BL yesterday, only to glance at the book pages for both. I don't usually read other people's reviews just before I read a new book - unless it was a review on here that actually led me to the book, and even then, if the review looks like it might give away something of the plot or twists etc. I usually stop reading... until I read the book.


Anyway, I added the books only to accidentally scroll down the page (over on GR) and glance at the first sentence of a review post which gave away the major plot twist. At least, I presume it is the major plot twist because I can't imagine any bigger twist to be coming up. If it does, I'll be truly amazed!


Why would people do this? Why would someone want to ruin the book for others - in the FIRST SENTENCE of their review?! Is it a case of seeking attention or of being anti-social or of just being unaware of how reviews are used by other readers?




For clarity, I should add that the review post was not by someone I follow or have ever interacted with. It was one of the community reviews that shows at the bottom of the book page. 


Now, all I want to say is that I truly appreciate all the consideration and thought that the majority of reviewers put into the content and construction of their posts which allow fellow readers to be interested in a book, or laugh about it, or turn their nose up on it - all without taking away the pleasure of discovery for those who want to read it for themselves.


Spoiler tags rock!


Rant over.