Few things are better than a good list!


I've been keeping lists of different authors and series or projects that I'm invested in.

I like BL Reading Lists but they don't let me list and keep track of the corresponding blog posts.


So, instead, I'm going to summarise all my current projects here. The links will lead to the actual blog posts and, in many cases, to a list of relevant reviews: 


Carson McCullers





The Name Is....Bond - Buddy read with Sir Troy, reading all the original Bond novels




The Iris Project - Reading Iris Murdoch




Dame Agatha - Reading Agatha Christie




 Greene-land Adventures - Reading Graham Greene (complete)




   2017 Booklikes-Opoly


2016: The Twelve Tasks of the Festive Season - another fab brainchild of Moonlight and Obsidian. (I will update this once I have an update.)





2016 Halloween Bingo (complete)



2016 Mt TBR (no reviews)


2015 Mt TBR (no reviews) (complete)