Out of Africa - Reading progress update: I've read 20 out of 462 pages.

Out of Africa and Shadows on the Grass - Karen Blixen, Isak Dinesen

"Noble found I
ever the Native
and insipid the Immigrant."


Yup. None more so than the author it seems. This is going to be a long, frustrating read.


I'm only a chapter in but so far Dinesen/Blixen seems naive or utterly stupid at best, willfully ignorant or supremacist at worst.


How is this a beloved classic if the first 20 pages already thrive on tripe like this?


"The Natives were Africa in flesh and blood. The tall extinct volcano of Longonot that rises above the Rift Valley, the broad Mimosa trees along the rivers, the Elephant and the Giraffe, were not more truly Africa than the Natives were, - small figures in an immense scenery. All were different expressions of one idea, variations upon the same theme."




"When we really did break into the Natives' existence, they behaved like ants, when you poke a stick into their ant-hill; they wiped out the damage with unwearied energy, swiftly and silently, - as if obliterating an unseemly action.

We could not know, and could not imagine, what the dangers were that they feared from our hands. I myself think that they were afraid of us more in the manner in which you are afraid of a sudden terrific noise, than as you are afraid of suffering and death."


Yeah, because all "Natives" are basically the same and colonialism was not at all ruled by suffering and death?

Stupid, stupid woman.