The Wire in the Blood

The Wire In The Blood  - Val McDermid

Meh. I'm really not getting any warm fuzzies for this series. Nor any reaction really.


I was hoping that the second book in the series would be more interesting and getting away from the scene setting that took up so much of The Mermaids Singing, but no...a large part of the book is still about workplace politics and Tony Hill's struggle to find acceptance of his profiling task force within the police.


Blah, blah, policing, blah, blah...


And I have literally no interest in the relationship between Tony and Carol. Shaz was an interesting character but there was not that much interaction between her and the rest of the characters. 


The fact that we know from the start who the killer is, does not help the situation. Instead of reading on to guess who may have done it is practically spoilt and for me there isn't that much fun in following the profilers trying to balance their professional aspirations with their personal entanglements.


So, whilst I seem to enjoy Val's standalone novels, I just can't find anything in this series that resonates with me. At all.


DNF @ 55%.